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" epic as it is primal and as stirring as it is sad and introverted".
[National Post]

"A triumphant debut."
[FFWD Magazine]

"Patient and profound."
[Hour Magazine]

"...set to become one of Canada's most intriguing and complex acts."
[Indie London]

In an age of high colour bands, Les Jupes play it black & white. They are built simply on songwriting and a dark rumbling energy that can take over a room. And there's something increasingly special happening - they have become one of those bands that when people like them, they like them a lot.

The songwriting and commanding baritone voice of Michael P Falk is the jump-off point. Jordon Ottenson and Darcy Penner keep things held together, and Adam Fuhr is the colour man, deftly blending a growing stack of keyboards. Hailey Primrose is the unofficial 5th whose voice's urgency and emotion blend so perfectly with Michael's.

The goal of Les Jupes is simple: to slowly worm their way into your heart until you one day realize that they are speaking directly to something deep inside you.

These are songs about characters who live on the fringes, who grind against expectations of the heart or body. They alternate between autobiographical and historical portraits. And in an age where brain often trumps heart and cool precedes honesty, they ask the listener to feel something, because the songs themselves want to feel something.

Gradually building an international fan base over the last few years, Les Jupes have toured Germany and the UK extensively while also keeping home fires burning in Canada & the USA. Introversion is the new single, paired with a forlorn cover of Sky Ferreira's Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay). Negative Space EP was released in late 2013, for which CBC Music named the band one of 2013's 10 key acts to watch. Modern Myths was released to critical acclaim in 2011. There have been some singles and remixes and covers in between all of that while they pour a mountain of work into a new record, now finished and slated for sometime in early 2015.

Michael owns Head In The Sand (Rococode, Apparat Organ Quartet, etc) and produces bands at Paintbox Recording. Adam & Jordon also play in Yes We Mystic. Darcy played in a bunch of punky poppy bands.


It has taken us almost 2 years to get this baby done. But its done. And we can't wait for you to hear it! Huge thanks to Marcus Paquin and Tony Hoffer and all our friends who played on it for helping us make something that we are so very proud of.

You can pre-order it here.

All pre-orders come with a bundle of the demos and a ticket to the album release tour. Albums will be signed by the band.

The JupeBox - Covers, Remixes, Fun stuff

Pen Pals

We miss writing letters. There was a day we wrote lots of em, and up here in Canada our ... ahem ... wise and gracious government has cancelled home mail delivery.

So here's the deal. Lets have a pen pal club. You write us letters and we'll write you back. Lets put pen to paper and share what's going on in our lives and see what happens.

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